The School of Grace does not provide transportation.

Carpooling: If your child is carpooling with another child in class, please send a note to the child’s teacher. The teacher needs a note from both children to honor the carpool arrangements.


  1. Arrivals – Children must be brought in to the school, signed in on the clipboard, and a teacher or assistant must be made aware of the child’s presence before the parent (or other adult) leaves.
    ◦    Infant/Toddler students may arrive no sooner than 8:55 with class beginning at 9:00.
    ◦    Preschool students may arrive no sooner than 9:10 with classes beginning at 9:15.
  2. If, on occasion, you arrive early, your child may play on the playground with your supervision until 9:10 at which time you should bring your child into the classroom. At no time should your child be left unattended on the playground or anywhere within the church or on the church grounds. 
When bringing your child to school, you may park in the designated spaces in the front of the school parking lot or in the church front parking lot to bring your child into the classroom.
  3. Please be considerate of others and not block the flow of the circular drive by parking in it.
  4. Dismissals
    ◦    Dismissal is at 12:15 for preschoolers
    ◦    Infant/Toddler students at 1:00
    ◦    Lunch Bunch dismisses at 1:15.
  5. An adult must accompany children when they leave the classroom or playground. Please hold children’s hands in the parking lot
  6. Be sure the teacher knows when you are leaving with your child.
  7. Children are released to designated adults only.


For the security of your child, all doors will be locked from 9:30 until noon. If you need to enter the building during this time, please use the front entrance. You can push the intercom button and the church secretary will unlock the door.


Parents will receive a copy of the following form prior to each field trip
Date of Trip
Location of Trip
Cost per Child
Adults Attending
Approximate arrival/departure time
Special Notes
Please refer to my child’s emergency information sheet, however, my child’s allergies are as follows:
While on field trips with the school, your child will be using a seat belt. If you child uses a care seat, please indicate here and bring his/her care seat to school on the day of the field trip.
My child uses a car seat (initial)_____________
I release my child ____________________________________, into the care of The School of Grace Preschool and its faculty on the state field trip experience.
Signature of Parent____________________________________________  Date______________


Examples of recent field trips that have Supplemented Our Curriculum and Increased the Children’s Awareness of their community.

  • To the Grocery Store
  • Strawberry picking
  • To the Farmers Market
  • To a Farm to pick out pumpkins to carve and go on a hay ride
  • To the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
  • To the Fire Station
  • To Fly Kites at a Park
  • To a Veterinarians Office
  • To Marbles Kids Museum